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Learn Spanish in Málaga

Visit Málaga, a city with a special mix of Arab influence and a beachside lifestyle on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Despite being a relatively large city, Málaga has managed to retain its laid-back and comfortable atmosphere. The Mediterranean climate of this part of Spain makes Málaga the perfect destination all year round, even in the winter months. With a pleasant climate and a beachside location, Málaga is a popular destination for outdoor and water activities.

If visitors are not spending time by the beach, there are many museums and art galleries to explore. Málaga has a culturally rich heritage which remains from its days as part of the Arab empire. Visitors looking to delve into this side of Málaga’s history should not miss visiting one of the 28 museums which range from archaeology museums to fine art galleries.

Málaga also has an impressive nightlife with something to offer any visitor, from enjoying dinner and the local Mosto wine in a restaurant to dancing the night away, Málaga will not disappoint. Along with many traditional Spanish specialties such as olive, Iberian ham, and cheeses, seafood is quite popular in this part of Spain.

Málaga’s size, beachside location, and relaxed atmosphere make it a popular destination for expats to choose to live in Spain. With many visitors to Málaga trying to master the language, you will not have a shortage of peers to practice with. The Spanish accent varies throughout the Andalusian part of Spain, with differences in the pronunciation of the letter S and Z, but regardless of these differences, you will still be understood using your Spanish in all Spanish-speaking parts of the world. Andalusia has also experienced a lot of emigration to the Americas, and as such, the Spanish spoken here shares some similarities with Spanish spoken in Latin America.


Schools in Málaga

Malaca Instituto


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