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Learn Italian in Siena

A medieval city built across three hilltops with a beautiful view of the Tuscan hillside: Siena is truly a picturesque destination.

According to legend, Siena was founded by Senius, the son of Remus who was the founder of Rome alongside his brother, Romulus. Legend says that the brothers were raised by a wolf, and this is why we find so many images of wolves throughout Siena, to honor the origins of its founder. The authentic atmosphere of Siena is not only found in its rustic bars and restaurants, but also in the busy markets and traditional cultural events. As a rival city to Florence, the people of Siena take pride in caring for the appearance of the city, maintaining a beautiful urban landscape which is faithful to the old architectural style. The old city of Siena itself is today on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Legends, history, and tradition play a fundamental role in Siena, a fascinating destination where you can immerse yourself in the Italian culture and language.


Schools in Siena

Leonardo da Vinci

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