Study abroad in Fort-de-France

Take a French course in Fort-de-France, Martinique’s capital and the largest city in the French West Indies.

Fort-de-France became Martinique’s capital after the island’s original centre, St Pierre, was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1902. It is a busy and compact city, so it’s easy to explore on foot. A popular shopping spot in the region, here you can find both local handcrafted products and the very best French imports.

If you are looking to escape the bustle of the streets, La Savane is a beautiful garden in the centre of the city that is perfect for picnics and walks. Here you can find vendors selling a huge range of homemade food influenced by French, Caribbean and Asian traditions. Those interested in history, will be impressed by the seventeenth-century Fort St-Louis that stretches out into the ocean.

With its unique combination of French and Creole influences, Fort-de-France has its own distinctive culture and atmosphere. Here you will find Parisian style combined with a laid-back Caribbean attitude, as well as the very best restaurants showcasing local specialties including lobster, red snapper, sea urchin and crab, all cooked in a delicious combination of French sauces and Caribbean spices. 

Language schools in Fort-de-France

Language courses abroad in France Langue

Just minutes away from the beach, France Langue Fort-de-France offers excellent French lessons on the beautiful island of Martinique. Opened in 2013, this school is part of the well-respected France Langue group of French language schools, which provide students with modern facilities and excellent teachers in various French-speaking locations.

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