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The Royal Harbor – Given that this is effectively the only real port in the country, Ramsgate has a special place in the history of England. During the Napoleonic Wars, almost 40,000 troops boarded their ships in this port.

The port of Ramsgate is part of the historical confederation of Cinque Ports, an alliance which existed in medieval England with impressive political power, mainly due to its military strength. In the present day, the economy of the city is based on tourism and fishing, which means that the city has been filled with wonderful cafes and restaurants in the last few years.

With more than 1700 hours of sun a year, Ramsgate is one of the sunniest places in England, only being beaten by its southern neighbour Sussex. The long beaches invite you to sunbathe, swim and relax. From here you can also explore the port and the city.

At only an hour and a half by train from London, you can enjoy the best of the coast and the city.

Language schools in Ramsgate

White row houses

Since 1971, the school Churchill House Ramsgate focuses not only on the improvement of their student’s language skills, but also on their personal development, social experiences and cultural understanding. The school is proud to give their students attention which guarantees an enjoyable and entertaining stay at the school.

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