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Sunshine Coast
Study English in England’s “Sunshine Coast”. Since the 19th century, Eastbourne has been England’s seaside swimming destination. Since then, the region has consisted of little towns, today being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Great Britain. It is also one of the places in England with the most hours of sun per year.

The city is primarily sustained by tourism but also attracts people for business and conferences or congresses in the grand hotels. This famous beachside destination is also popular for those looking to study a language course, given that the English accent here is similar to that of Oxford.

What are you waiting for, visit the south of England!

Language schools in Eastbourne

Five young people sit on a bench. A man in a pink shirt puts his arm around the women sitting either side of him. The women have pained expressions of their personal space being invaded.

St Giles is an English language school chain which focuses on offering a high quality of education and is well known for its experience and professionalism. The Eastbourne St Giles school is in an ideal location here in the sunniest city in England, which receives over 4 million visitors each year. The school can be found just ten minutes walking distance from both the beach and the center of tow

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