Find out about Luca Hänni's adventure
Find out about Luca Hänni's adventure
Find out about Luca Hänni's adventure
Find out about Luca Hänni's adventure

Luca goes Down Under

Luca Hänni is an all-round musical talent. He sings, plays the piano, guitar, drums and since participating in the TV show Dance Dance Dance, he is also an excellent dancer. The young artist will travel to Sydney with us for five weeks to improve his English at our partner school Embassy Sydney. We are excited to follow him on his trip and accompany him week by week.


Luca's Sydney Travel Diary

  Preparation time

Soon the time will come, my language trip to Sydney starts on the 5th January 2018.

One of my main goals is to publish my music in various other countries and play concerts there too. Therefore, it is of immense importance to me to speak perfect English - without this language, it will be more difficult to succeed in countries outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For that reason, I decided to go to Sydney with YALEA Languages for a 5-week language course abroad to take my English to the next level.

I am planning my trip and am receiving loads of support from Yalea Languages - good preparation is the alpha and omega. For me, this will not only be a new challenge it will also mean various adventures as the many exciting leisure activities in Australia simply cannot be missed. Of course, I will share my opinions and experiences on the social networks with my fans.

Luca is in the midst of the chaos of packing his bags

It's time for me to pack my bags. Luckily, I have received a detailed travel plan from Yalea, so I am ready for departure.

Luca Hänni im Packchaos! Was meint ihr, soll Nala mit auf die lange Reise? Yalea unterstützt dich mit einer...

Posted by Yalea - Sprachreisen on Donnerstag, 4. Januar 2018

  Off to Australia

Takeoff, we are ready for Australia! Today my brother Cyril and I are leaving for my five-week language course in Sydney! I am sending you my love from the plane high above the clouds.



Arrival in sunny Sydney

Save and sound in Australia: I arrived safe and sound and have already done some sightseeing despite the record-breaking temperatures. Fortunately, Sydney is located right by the sea and I could cool down with a swim in the ocean. Tomorrow is my first day at school. I don't know what to except and I can't wait to find out!!



  Week 1 - in Australia

Full of excitement I started my trip with Yalea on the 5th of January 2018. After a 25-hour trip from Zurich to Sydney via Abu Dhabi, I arrived at my destination with great anticipation. It was very strange but also incredible to travel from winter to summer on the other side of the world. :) I finally arrived at my apartment at 10pm and went straight to bed. During the first two days I had time to explore Sydney and see what there is to see in the surroundings.

Let's go to school!

On Monday the 8th of January at 8am the English classes at the Embassy Sydney language school started. There were around 30 new students, two of them from Switzerland. After the placement test we immediately had our first lesson and became friends right away. At 3pm we were done with our first school day. I couldn’t wait any longer and went directly to Manly Beach with this hot summer weather. It’s an absolute paradise like beach, only twenty minutes away from Sydney by ferry!

On the weekend I met with some students from my class for some food to round off the week. :) The first week was very educational, exciting and interesting. I already managed to improve my English, yeah! I am looking forward to the upcoming days and next weekend when the surf camp takes place!

I send you lots of warm greetings!

  Week 2 - in Australia

Time is flying … another eventful week has passed. My English knowledge has improved, the lessons are worth it! After my English lessons at the Embassy English school I visited the beautiful beaches which are close to where we are staying in our accommodation. It’s sheer madness, and of course we are enjoying the beautiful weather here to the fullest!

Surf camp in Bendalong

Last weekend I went on a surf camp. We arrived after a four hour car drive through the impressive coastal landscape. That was the highlight of my week. We had perfect surf conditions for learning the basics of this cool sport. I had tried it out before, surfing in Switzerland, but it was nothing in comparison. Waves and wind … and finding the balance on the surfboard is definitely harder the professionals make it look. ;) And of course, when you are at surf camp, you must have a party on the beach, complete with a bonfire at night before spending the night in a tent.

At the end of the week we drove on bumpy roads to explore the Blue Mountains and enjoyed the wonderful view there.

  Week 3 - in Australia

My third week with #YaleaLanguages was special but this time not only in the positive sense: I got the flu and had to lie in bed for a while instead of studying and swimming. Unfortunately, this also meant we had to move the concert, which would have taken place on Thursday. Anyway, luckily I was up on my feet again after two days and back in school!

On Friday we had an intensive grammar lessons … whew, not my favorite, but definitely very useful :). I really like the Embassy school here in Sydney! I feel really relaxed and the teachers are very competent and helpful.

I especially like the mix of different nationalities here at the school. It makes for very interesting conversation about other countries and their lifestyles and habits.

The Australian National Holiday

Australia Day, January 26th, is the national holiday of Australia - which has been another highlight during my stay in Sydney. The day was celebrated with a lot of fireworks, great entertainment and in high spirits. And we got to be here!

On Saturday we endured a four hour car ride to marvel at the beautiful region of Port Stephens. Of course, we could not be short of action and fun, so we decided to take a quad bike tour in the sand dunes. A good decision because it was a lot of fun! Before driving back, we ended the evening at Fingal Bay Beach.

I spent the last day of the week in the sound studio working on my new single.

  Week 4 - in Australia

The things I experienced during my four weeks in Sydney were simply incredible. Now this amazing adventure is coming to an end. The Embassy English School has exceeded my expectations and I can definitely recommend it. It was just great. The English lessons were well-structured, varied, progressive, interesting and fun. I have learned a lot and it is now so much easier for me to express myself and to have conversations. The teachers were competent and always very friendly.

The leisure activities also played a big part in this ;): I took the opportunity to explore dream beaches like Manly, Bondi, Coogee etc., drove around on a quad bike in the sand dunes of Port Stephens, went on an exciting surf weekend trip in Bendalong, celebrated the exciting Australia Day holiday along with countless people … and met a lot of great, friendly people.

Furthermore, I even found time to work on my new song in a record studio in Sydney and to play my first concert in Australia, yeah ☺.

Short trip to Kangaroo Island

During the last week of my language travels, I drove a caravan to Kangaroo Island. It was an adventurous trip along bumpy roads and a huge experience: I saw breathtaking beaches, fascinating animals (even koalas ☺), bizarre rock formations and many sights like the Seal Bay, the Remarkable Rocks, and the Flinders Chase National Park, all leaving me with some lasting memories!

I am glad that I decided to do a language course abroad with Yalea Languages. It was a unique experience. Combining learning a language with travelling is a fantastic thing, which I would recommend to everyone.

Thank you so much to the whole Yalea Team - I will never forget this trip!

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