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Experience languages

Language courses abroad for students aged 16 and adults

A language trip not only brings you improved language skills, but also new impressions and interesting encounters with people from all over the world.

Many of our language schools offer courses for adults aged 16 or 18. With students of the same level, you will be taught all aspects of the foreign language on a daily basis: Speaking, writing texts, grammar, listening and reading comprehension. In addition to the lessons, our partner schools offer a wide range of activities in which all language students can participate. Through the intensive exchange with other students you will get to know new cultures and be able to connect internationally. During a language stay, friendships can develop that last a lifetime. The diversity of nationalities and ages leads to a colourful mix of personalities that will make your language trip unforgettable. You can find a complete overview of all language courses for adults in our "Course finder".


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