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Nevastane Food Grade Lubricants. Total Nevastane Clear is a high quality NSF H1 and 3H white medicinal oil used in applications such as dough dividers, pan and mold releasing and as a general lubricant. This colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-staining oil has great dispersion and exceptional wear protection.

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The Lubricant Shop is a family owned oil distribution business. The company is a distributor of Castrol and BP products. A comprehensive range of products produced by the BP Group are stocked at our new distribution centre in the North of England. A nationwide delivery service is available and international shipments can be organised by special arrangement.

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Total Lubricants, Engine Oils, Industrial & Heavy Duty Applications, Seattle Area. Overlake Oil is a distributor of Total Lubricants; we carry Rubia CK-4 & FA-4 Motor Oils, Azolla ZS hydraulic oils (including zinc-free options) as well as Nevastane food grade lubricants.


TOTAL LUbrifiants S.A. au capital de 27 085 708 euros. - Siège social : 562 avenue du Parc de l’Ile - 92029 Nanterre - France 552 006 454 RCS NANTERRE - Visuels non contractuels - nevastane FOOD GRADE LUBRICANTS R CARTOUCHE emballage recyclable

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nevastane xsh 150, 220, 460 Synthetic (PAO) recommended for the lubrication of gear reducers, plains and roller bearings with high loads in the food processing industries. Also suitable for the lubrication of numerous applications in the food industry such as chains and conveyor belts.

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HAR Adhesive Technologies offers the Nevastane® brand by Total to provide a full range of food grade lubricants that are NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact.. Since food safety is a top priority in the food and beverage industry, Nevestane products are specially designed to meet requirements such as ISO 21469, NSF H1, HACCP, FDA, kosher and 21-CFR 178-3570.

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J.T. Horn Oil Co., Inc. offers TOTAL’s Nevastane® food grade lubricants. These specialized products are designed for a multitude of industries including baking, cocoa, bottling, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, canning, feed and fruits and vegetable processing.

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Stock Lubricants. After years of experience Power Lube Industrial has come to carry over 200 of the most commonly-used lubricants today. Our extensive inventory can meet the requirements of your applications and operating conditions.

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A guide to food-grade lubricants For companies that operate in sectors that deal with food, drink or medication, health and safety are by far their biggest priority. High standards of hygiene and sanitation are expected all the way from production to the end user.

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Food safety is paramount in the food processing industry. That's why Total Lubrifiants has developed Total nevastane, a range of NSFH1-registered products formulated to ensure consumer safety in the event of accidental contact. Total nevastane lubricants also meet stringent ISO 21469 hygiene certification criteria.


• NEVASTANE CLEAR 15 & 68 oils are suitable for use on machinery used for producing, manufacturing, packing, preparing, and packaging food where there is a possibility of incidental food contact. These products should be used as recommended by a responsible company representative. Prolonged contact with the skin may cause mild irritation.

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Total Nevastane Food Grade Lubricants Food Safety: No Worries with TOTAL NEVASTANE NSF H1 Registered Food Grade Lubricants. Guaranteeing food safety to consumers is paramount for today’s food and beverage processors. With this challenge in mind, TOTAL Specialties USA, Inc. has developed TOTAL NEVASTANE, a full range of NSF H1 registered ...

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NEVASTANE HD2T Multipurpose extreme pressure and antiwear grease. For crimping machines, bottling ma... Read More

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NEVASTANE HD2T is recommended for use where incidental contact with food may occur. Using maintenance lubricants which have been registered H1 with NSF minimizes your critical control points as required by HACCP. Exceptional adhesion to metal surfaces. Excellent resistance to water washout. Very good protection against corrosion.


NEVASTANE® 2 PLUS White Food Machinery Grease. • NEVASTANE 2 PLUS grease is a white, aluminum complex grease that outperforms other food grade lubricants by combining superior anti-wear properties with a tacky texture. Specially designed additives enable the anti-wear ingredients to provide as much as 50% higher wear resistance.

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Total Lubricants, Engine Oils, Industrial & Heavy Duty Applications, Seattle Area. Overlake Oil is a distributor of Total Lubricants; we carry Rubia CK-4 & FA-4 Motor Oils, Azolla ZS hydraulic oils (including zinc-free options) as well as Nevastane food grade lubricants.

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Victories are celebrated with Total lubricants every day. Thrilling victories, that make our childhood dreams come true. And then there are the everyday victories, those that make us proud of pursuing the challenges we face day in, day out. Today, we will take you behind the scenes and reveal some of the secrets of Total lubricants.


High performance Extreme Pressure food grade lubricants based on calcium sulfonate complex soap, synthetic base oil and selected additives. Suitable for the lubrication of numerous applications in the food processing industries operating at low or high temperature (-40°C to +180°C) and in presence of water : bearings, sterilizers, freezing tunnels, bearings in oven...

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NEVASTANE XMF is an aluminum complex grease with white oil having excellent extreme pressure and anti-rust properties over a wide temperature range.NEVASTANE XMF range is also highly resistant to water wash out and to high speed conditions.NEVASTANE XMF greases are recommended for the lubrification of food and beverage processing machinery operating under severe conditions such as loaded gears ...